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Avon Center Dentistry

The construction of Avon Center Dentistry was completed in April 2013. The building has been designed with the patient’s comfort in mind and features top-quality equipment and is a sister office to Hebron Center Dentistry located in Hebron, CT.

Our dental chairs are equipped with Ergosmooth technology, the first massaging system, along with heat, integrated into dental chairs. The calming massaging motion creates an amazing experience that is soothing and reduces anxiety.

Our practice is unique. We provide the most modern, proven technology for our patients, ranging from a 95% decrease in x-ray radiation to completely sterile water used in all procedures. Our VistaClear water filtration system provides just that. We believe in prevention and education to eliminate problems before they exist. Treatments performed are based on proven techniques that are aimed at minimizing treatment.

Our practice believes in non-invasive techniques when ever possible. Dental implants are a technique used to replace missing teeth without grinding adjacent teeth. Caries detection is based on laser technology, Diagnodent, rather than a metal instrument.








Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm


19 Ensign Drive


Suite A